Bookkeeping Salary, Certifications and Career Outlook


College degrees and professional certifications can help make bookkeepers stand out. A 2019 survey by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers asked AIPB-credentialed bookkeepers if they would recommend certification to others. Chief Financial OfficerCFO is the Chief Financial Officer, who manages the company’s finances. It’s important to understand what the differences are in clientele based on the size of their company and the number of accounts you are reconciling. With her biggest client, she works one day a week and charges $1,500 a month.

  • Depending on the city, you can expect to earn between $40,000 and $60,000 your first year as a Big Four accountant.
  • If an accountant wants to work for a single company, they can advance to management and beyond without a CPA license.
  • With these eight clients, this bookkeeper brings in $4,050 every month.
  • You definitely can be a full-time bookkeeper, but what I’ve found is that the bookkeepers I’ve interacted with most use it as a side hustle or a part-time job in conjunction with other revenue streams.
  • Upon enrollment in the course, if you do not like the course, you can receive a full refund minus the costs of materials.

If you’d rather ensure the continued vision and culture of your practice, you should consider passing the reins to someone internally. Keeping the books for a business can actually be a very stressful job. Upon successfully passing the final exam, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from the school or organization that you registered through. This course is open enrollment, so you can register and start the course whenever you are ready.

Pursuing a career in bookkeeping? Here’s what you need to know

As a result, the same amount of bookkeeping work can be done with fewer employees, which is expected to lead to job losses. As more of their routine tasks become automated, however, bookkeepers will be expected to take on more analytical and advisory roles. For example, rather than performing manual data entry, bookkeepers will focus more on analyzing reports and pointing out potential areas for efficiency gains. The process of maintaining certification can help you keep your skills sharp over time as well. To renew your certification, you must complete continuing coursework, attend professional development programs and take part in training workshops.

For people wondering how to become a bookkeeper, this guide addresses the journey in detail. Learn about education options and job search and career advancement tips. Some people take bookkeeping roles to gain practical training for a career in accounting or auditing. However, the role also offers long-term stability for those considering it as a dedicated career path.

How do freelance bookkeepers get jobs?

However, students majoring in other business- or math-related subjects can also qualify for these positions. Detailed knowledge of accounting principles and best practices is essential. In small businesses, payroll bookkeeping is usually included in bookkeepers’ general duties.

Now the owner of Colson Strategies, Lauren’s rockstar team provides accounting and finance services ranging from bookkeeping to CFO. They take the “scary” out of your finances so you can focus on what matters most. Her purpose is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools to make the best decisions for their business. She is a mother of two, a coffee lover, and a book-reading, beach-loving, mindset enthusiast. Here’s an easy way to think about it—bookkeepers lay the groundwork by recording financial transactions so that accountants can analyze financial statements and provide strategic recommendations. Today “robots,” namely software, have automated these duties, allowing some large businesses to shrink their accounting and finance departments and thus lower their labor costs.

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Sage helps accountants support UK businesses through digital tax ….

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Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, whose ranks are projected to shrink by 149,000 from 2014 to 2024. We pulled the 12 jobs with the largest total declines in Bureau of Labor Statistics projections . Despite declining employment, about 170,200 openings for bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks are projected each year, on average, over the decade. The time allotted for course completion has been calculated based on the number of course hours. is my favorite resource to recommend for anyone who wants to begin to study accounting. I like them because they are time-tested and have tests you can opt to take for a small fee of $99. To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available.

Phone, Insurance, and Internet

The first is reaching out to local businesses and networking to see if you can connect with another business owner who has a need. The Bookkeeper Launch System is made of multiple courses that total about 64 hours of coursework . A Master of Public Administration is a degree in public affairs that prepares graduates to serve in executive positions in government and NGOs. Greg DePersio has 13+ years of professional experience in sales and SEO and 3+ years as a freelance writer and editor. Another free resource, the Accounting Jobs Today board features a powerful and precise search tool.

Other industries that employ bookkeepers include insurance and healthcare. Anaccountant’s dutiesinclude verifying that financial records comply with relevant regulations and standards. In this career, you might also complete tax returns, assess budget performance and financial operations, and work on financial risk management. Yes, virtual bookkeeping is often the most profitable business idea, depending on your individual business needs.

How to become a bookkeeper (no experience needed!) in 2023

While t account make sure the small pieces fit properly into place, accountants use those small pieces to draw much more significant and broader conclusions. Bookkeepers line up all the small pieces of a company’s financial records, and accountants view and arrange those pieces. Nonprofit bookkeeping also maintains a core focus on accountability by tracking where money goes and how it is used. For-profit businesses, on the other hand, use bookkeeping and accounting techniques to help maximize profits within an accounting period. James M. Tobin is a writer, researcher, and editor specializing in student reference and academic research materials related to technology, business, finance, law, and the humanities.

You can also complete additional certifications to demonstrate your proficiency in advanced subtopics related to bookkeeping. The BLS is committed to providing data promptly and according to established schedules. Automated retrieval programs (commonly called “robots” or “bots”) can cause delays and interfere with other customers’ timely access to information.

months to complete

Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. Ultimately, your circumstance determines whether a bookkeeping certification would be worth it for you. Junior bookkeepers looking to establish themselves in the field are arguably more likely to benefit from certification. Experienced bookkeepers, on the other hand, may not see a significant return on investment.

As of January 2022, ZipRecruiter reports the national average income for a freelance bookkeeper in the United States is $55,094 per year, or $26 per hour, with higher earners making nearly $100,000. Whether you’re looking for a bookkeeping job “near me” or you’d like to find a remote opportunity, there are several strategies and tips for finding a part-time or full-time bookkeeping job. The cost for each of these certifications ranges from $399 for nonmembers, or $319 for members of the NACPB. You can also bundle courses to save 36% as a member and 20% as a nonmember.

The course above takes 4.5 hours to complete and introduces the basics of bookkeeping. There are two follow-up courses in this series that take 3.5 hours and 5 hours each. You could spend as little as a few hours or weeks taking Udemy’s various bookkeeping courses.

Forensic Accountant

However, the AIPB website does provide a job board where you can search for employment opportunities, both remote and near you. If you do not meet the experience requirement, we recommend our Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks course, which is designed for entry-level bookkeepers. Bachelor of Science in Accounting– Build the foundational skills necessary to succeed in the accounting field, such as evaluating financial and legal information to make critical business decisions. Bookkeepers and accountants both work with financial records but have distinct roles in a company.


Temporary staffing agencies are still a popular outlet for many small businesses to help fill open accounting positions. Staff from these agencies almost always come with some type of previous experience and may be available on a full- or part-time basis. If your company doesn’t have the resources or volume of business to hire a full-time internal accountant, this may be a viable solution.

If you’re just starting out as a bookkeeper, earning a certification can help you stand out from the competition. Keep reading to discover what else a bookkeeping certification can offer. Monily’s bookkeeper-on-demand program makes bookkeeping easy, seamless, and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

A Bookkeeper is responsible for recording and maintaining a business’ financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices, and payments. They will record financial data into general ledgers, which are used to produce the balance sheet andincome statement. A bookkeeper who is self-employed running her own bookkeeping business may take on a broader range of duties than their peers. They will likely have to track their own finances including income and expenses, for example. They will also be required to make their own tax payments and make sure their business remains in compliance with local and state law.

Bookkeepers help business owners to maintain their business’ financial records. This can include recording sales, revenue, and expenses, check statements for accuracy, verify receipts, billing and account receivables and payroll. Experience is key in any job market, and bookkeeping is no exception. Aspiring bookkeepers will benefit from finding a paid internship or an entry-level bookkeeping position like a bookkeeping assistant while they complete their training. Some bookkeepers earn $100 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of these bookkeepers work from home, making their own hours.

Bookkeeper Launch Premiere costs $2999 or 12 monthly costs of $299. The course instructor will be available by email to answer any questions and provide feedback on your performance. Occasionally, your course may be supported by a team of industry experts. Upon enrollment in the course, if you do not like the course, you can receive a full refund minus the costs of materials. Once payment is made, you will gain access to the course in hours. Here is a closer look at the distinctive aspects of these two careers.

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Averett takes part in business plan competition; Chatham student ….

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There are various career paths for accountants , from working as a forensic accountant to becoming a financial auditor or an enrolled agent. As an accountant, you may have to crunch numbers, but those are not the only skills needed. It is important to possess sharp logic skills and big-picture problem-solving abilities, as well.

When I created the fixed rates for these clients, I wanted it to add up to roughly $50 an hour. One thing to note as you’re figuring out what to charge is what tasks you are doing for each client and how much time each of those tasks typically take. It’s good to overestimate a little from what your average time may be on any given task. The last thing to decide is if you are happy working with the hourly rate that the fixed rate will average out to. When it comes to long-term growth, bookkeepers should look to gain the qualifications needed to become an accountant.

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